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Exclusive jewelry art

Welcome to Art Studio N. Noelle!

Here you can find exclusive handmade jewellery! Each piece is designed by artists with unlimited imagination and carefully crafted by professionals.
We offer our own lines of unique handmade jewellery made of natural stone, silver and gilding. All of our unique pieces are inspired by years of beauty in the world of fashion and jewellery.

About authors:

N. Noelle, an exclusive jewellery design studio, was founded by people who wanted to do their favorite collaborations and put their creative ideas into action.
Each of our masters is passionate about their work and has their own style. We have an extensive selection of handcrafted jewellery. We use natural stones, gilding, and Swarovski crystals to create unique and high-quality silver and gilding jewellery. Each product is handmade by N. Noelle masters in the techniques of jewellery embroidery, hand moulding, metalworking, art painting, and more. Our team is improving, learning new techniques and designs every day to create modern and vintage jewellery.

What's special about us?

N. Noelle is a part of your original look! Accessories play a key role in creating a unique look. They emphasize the elegance of their owner.
That is why it is so important to choose the right decoration that attracts admiring glances and pleases others. Jewellery house N. Noelle creates unique and memorable accessories that will definitely attract attention. The combination of grace, extravagance and even brutality, as well as creative approach this is what distinguishes this brand. We want people to be ready to see something new, to emphasize the charisma of everyone, to plunge into the world of bold images and the realization of dreams about beauty. This is probably the mission of N. Noelle Jewellery Design Studio.

We are selling handmade jewellery online, so on our website for handmade unique jewellery you can find luxury designer brooches and beautiful necklaces, stunning earrings, fine bracelets and unusual rings for women and men, for yourself or as a gift. When you give N. Noelle, you don't just give jewellery. You give emotions, unforgettable stories and indescribable tenderness.