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About Us
About Us
I was born in the Ukrainian city of Lviv. Since childhood, I was fond of drawing, sculpting, music, and could spend hours looking at paintings and pieces of virtu in numerous museums in my city. After all – I was born in a museum city. I could always be found in a quiet corner drawing castles, fairy dragons...princesses in beautiful dresses, and lots of jewellery, crowns, and necklaces.

My father opened the world of stones to me, we often travelled in the Carpathian Mountains and always found new and interesting stones. My passion for stones has followed me all my life. On all my countless trips around the world, I always explore old craft districts and definitely look for rare stones.

I've been creating jewellery since I was 20 years old. I inherited an attic apartment in an old part of the city from my grandmother. In the attic, I found an old mannequin and a trunk box with old jewellery, sketches, numerous beads, and jewellery tools. These things had gone through sad times; it took a lot of effort and time to put them in order. This find was the beginning of my hobby.

I have always been fascinated by the emergence of beauty, by the moment when things come to life. My main job as a cosmetologist was also related to beauty. The time came to change the direction of my aspirations in life, and I decided to devote myself completely to the creation of jewellery.

So, my conclusion is that real beauty is the beauty of emotion, it's the happiness in the eyes, it's a personality blessed with joy.

“Follow your dream”, my father always said.

It's time to make dreams come true and gift jewellery made with love for everyone.

I hope N.Noelle jewellery will bring happiness and fairy tale to every day.

– Nataliya Z.

Brand Creator.
My whole life from an early age was connected with creativity. I can't remember the time when I didn't do something handmade: I sewed, knitted, embroidered, plaited lace and macrame, worked with leather. Until a certain period, it was all combined with my work as a psychologist. But at some point, there was a crucial moment, and I realized that I wanted to devote all my free time to creativity.

The impetus came from my sister's request to make wedding decorations for her clients. However, the white colour bored me very quickly, and I began to study the available materials for needlework, as well as the experience of other masters of crafts.

Gradually I switched from hair jewellery to making brooches, pendants and bracelets. Increasingly, I used new techniques in my work, both my own and those learned from the techniques of gold embroidery and the Indian Zardozi technique.

And now for more than 9 years I devote all my time to creating jewellery.

– The Author of the jewellery is Olha Ts.
For as long as I can remember, I have always admired fashion shows and unique celebrity looks on red carpets. Like all girls, I dreamed of beautiful dresses and jewellery, and of course, I didn't want anyone else to have the same.

The desire for exclusive things was crushed by the harsh reality – it was virtually impossible to get original and designer accessories and jewellery. The only way out is to create them yourself.

I remember in my childhood and youth I drew inspiration from everything and used the most unexpected things in my work. For example, CDs and resistors, packing tapes or even packing threads, puzzles, pins. Nowadays, after several years of close involvement with the world of fashion and beauty, resistors and CDs have been replaced by natural stones, Swarovski crystals and jewellery clay. Nevertheless, I still see beauty in everything.

– The Author of the jewellery is Yevheniia B.