Storage and care

Basic rules of care:
In order to avoid deterioration in the quality of the coating of jewelry, it is necessary to adhere to simple rules for caring for products:

  1. Avoid contact with perfumes, sprays, powders, detergents, household chemicals, etc.
  2. Do not wear products under clothing and during work that may cause mechanical or chemical damage to the protective layer.
  3. Do not use jewelry cleaners or any liquid containing ammonia.

It is advisable to store jewelry in closed boxes with a soft surface — with prolonged exposure to light, the tone of jewelry may slightly change, especially for artificial pearls and jewelry with noble stones. Also, when stored in a jewelry box, the jewelry is less dusty.
Use a special branded silk bag for storage, which is attached to the product.

Always place jewelry so that it does not touch each other, otherwise scratches may occur.
Do not drop products onto hard surfaces.
For jewelry, contact with sea water is undesirable, and jewelry should be removed before taking a shower — this is due to the fact that soap and water can accumulate between the stones, which negatively affects the appearance of products.

Packaging of goods «N.Noelle»

All products purchased from our online store are delivered in packaging.

N. Noelle branded jewelry comes in the original manufacturer’s packaging.

Goods purchased on our website are specially packaged in such a way as to preserve their presentation, regardless of the distance of delivery. In addition to the original N.Noelle box and carton bag, each order is packed in a special protective bag for manual delivery, which protects your order from damage or unauthorized access.

We will always answer any additional questions about the storage and care of jewelry, write